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What is Bariatrics?


Bariatric surgery is a set of surgical techniques used to treat excess weight, where the digestive system is altered in order to reduce the amount of food entering the body and modify the natural digestion process, facilitating weight loss and improving or curing diseases associated with obesity.

There are several surgical techniques that can be restrictive and/or malabsorptive. The restrictive techniques only allow a reduction in the amount of food ingested, because the stomach volume is reduced. In the case of restrictive and malabsorptive techniques, besides reducing the size of the stomach, the intestine is also modified to interfere with the absorption of nutrients, thus reducing the calories that enter the body.

Because it is a type of invasive surgery, bariatric surgery is only indicated when the person has already tried to lose weight using other methods, such as diet, medication, and physical activity without success, or when the excess weight puts the individual’s life in danger.

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